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Questions and answers Europe giraffe breeding program . AMSTERDAM – Jörg Jebram, which is supervised by the European Programme giraffes endangered species, explains why believes Copenhagen Zoo was correct in its decision to kill the 2-year-old Marius. Q: How do I end up with a young giraffe in the zoo, the … Read more Fox News
Europe Museums should start a campaign to return to George Clooney It is obvious that a very simple film even includes a scene where Clooney’s character explains, with the support of a large map and stick to what Europe is and what the Nazis are up to. He explains the situation to President Roosevelt character. In … Read more (Blog)
the greatest threat to Europe This year, the 100th anniversary of the start of World War I. Today, Europe has left behind the war. Replaced by jostling empires, the European Union, modern family effort with the usual bickering, but nothing, stifling bureaucracy … Read more Huffington Post