Six of the best financial technology Mainland Europe is to provide

Six of the best technology Financial Mainland Europe is to provide Forbes has already featured many of the leading UK companies that the star FinTech50, the new ranking of the most innovative and creative business financial technology, but it’s far from the only game in town. Chance of a … Read more Forbes

Greek riot police clash with fascism Despite the crackdown, the party claimed to find a way to contest in local and European elections in May, a senior MP said the challenging group Golden Dawn a few thousand supporters in the center of Athens. Please monitored closely. “We are involved … Read more

Russia and the West spar over Ukraine U.S. Secretary of State has criticized what he calls “a disturbing trend” governments in Central and Eastern Europe, including Ukraine, trampling on the objectives of the common people. “These expectations of citizens once again trampled under the corrupt … read more