Good news for bats? Type recovering in Europe

Good news for bats? Type recovering in Europe “This is the first time a large number of monitoring systems in Europe, all got together,” said Karen Haysom science director of Bat Conservation Trust in London, and one of the researchers under the coordination of the study. Bat populations declined … Read more National Geographic
Bershidsky Europe : High energy costs Hitting the EU The International Energy Agency chief economist Fatih Birol said Europe is faces at least 20 years of high gas and electricity prices and lost a third of the world market share of exports of energy-intensive, especially in the U.S. and … Read more Bloomberg

Samsung accounts for more than 60 Carphone Warehouse stores in major … 60 Carphone Warehouse stores across Western Europe as outputs your Samsung, the company press release, and the spokesman. European movements, which is about 1,400 stores across the continent, will … Read more Verge