U.S. offshore wind farm, Made in Europe

U.S. offshore wind farm, Made in Europe We do not have the number and guaranteed markets such as China and some European countries retain their jobs in their countries, can provide investors’ said Thomas A. Kochan Professor Sloan School of Management … Read more New York Times
New Philadelphia Exhibit highlights Breed History, Trade Europe Pieces of a pair of colorful African fabrics colonial European atmosphere, focused on issues education and training opportunities, and cultural discovery. Shonibare one of the signature pieces, which is called “Scramble for Africa”, which focuses on the Berlin conference … Read more CBS Local
Manchester City is supposedly the best in Europe , says Manuel Pellegrini The next round of the Champions League brings Barcelona., It is be a difficult game, Manuel Pellegrini admits, but the Manchester City boss does not seem worried. part, he believes, is the way to become an elite clubs of Europe. Read more NBCSports.com